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We are a deliberately small team of talented and hardworking designers and coders and have friends and colleagues all over the world with whom we collaborate on a regular basis.

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Social media

   Social media

An easy way to connect with the masses!

At GRID Associates we can help you to create the perfect Social media strategy for your business, offering the best support from start to finish.

Firstly, what is Social media marketing (SMM)? Social media marketing takes advantage of social networking to help all types of companies increase their brand exposure and broaden their customer reach.
The aim of effective SMM is to create interesting and compelling content so that its readers want to share it with their professional piers via an every growing number of social networks. One of the key components of SMM is social media optimisation (SMO) which is the process of increasing the awareness of a product, brand or event by using a number of social media outlets and communities to generate viral publicity.

As we all know people are generally social creatures, they like to talk about things they have seen, places they have been and experiences they have had. To this end social media marketing is becoming an invaluable businesses tool.

Effective and well placed social media marketing will almost definitely get people thinking and talking about your business and drive people they know to your website to discover more. A direct result of this will be an increase in your sites traffic and in turn a marked improvement in the potential of converting visitors to clients and/or an increase in sales.

With the every increasing palette of social media marketing tools at our disposal it is becoming much more achievable to match the specific requirements of our clients. At GRID Associates it is our aim to provide ever more effective solutions to guarantee our clients’ messages, products and services reach the right people in their chosen marketplace.

Businesses of every size should be using social media and at GRID we can help you to do just that by offering ongoing support so your strategies that are always on point.

The four main social media platforms for many business people are:

As the world’s largest social media network Facebook will give your business access to a huge prospective audience. You can use this to boost brand awareness and build a loyal following. Ultimately it can result in increased enquiries and conversions.

Making great connections with people, increasing brand awareness, and boosting customer loyalty are all possible with Twitter. The network can be used to share information and even reveal special offers that can boost your sales.

An excellent app made for sharing photos and videos! Similar to Facebook or Twitter in that everyone who creates an Instagram account has a profile and a news feed. When you post photos they will be displayed on your profile.

A social networking site designed specifically for the business community. The goal of the site is to allow registered members to establish business connections & document networks of people they know and trust professionally.

Effective social media will increase awareness - fact!

At GRID Associates we are on hand to create the perfect strategy to fit your business' needs and will provide as much or as little assistance as you require.

Our starting point is to always get to know you and your needs - the most important thing we can do is Listen! Only then will we be in a position to offer our recommendations on which services we feel will be best suited to you. Once this is established we can suggest the best forms of social media and implement them and manage your accounts for you.

In addition to the management of your social media accounts we can take over all maintenance of your social media marketing for you. With our help you can build great relationships with your target audience and earn great rewards for the efforts made.